The beauty of outdoors is amazing!
Always changing…lighting, nature’s musical sounds, breezes, etc.
And there are beautiful locations in St. Peters, St. Charles and Chesterfield.
I enjoy Main Street St. Charles, St. Peter’s City Centre Park (by Recplex), Faust Park, etc.
Virtually anywhere can be an amazing place to take portraits!

View examples I’ve taken at each location at bottom of this page.

Rau Garden at Blanchette Park

St. Charles Main Street & Frontier Park
(overlooking MO River)

Fountains at St. Charles Convention Center

Faust Park, Chesterfield,MO

Frontier Park at St Charles Riverfront

Grand Opera House, Main Street St Charles

McNair Park

St Peter’s City Centre Park


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Photos below are all in Saint Charles, MO


St Charles Riverfront and Main Street

McNair Park

Rau Garden at Blanchette Park, St Charles, MO

Fountains at St Charles Convention Center

Historic Village at Faust Park, Chesterfield, MO

Grand Opera House, St Charles Main Street

St Peter’s City Centre Park

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