Theresa’s Story

Theresa L , people photographer in St. Charles, MO, is excited about capturing life’s moments in pictures. Life is lived and pictures are priceless when it comes to our loved ones.

Theresa’s favorite images are in black and white because they look timeless, hide flaws and are free of color distractions. She photographs in color as well, though. Its your choice. You’ll get a nice discount if you go ALL BLACK & WHITE since she’s so pumped about the beauty of B&W!

With more than 20 years photography experience, Theresa knows how angles, spatial placement and image editing all contribute to great photos! 

Working as a sub in the St. Charles School District, an assistant dance teacher and a camp counselor for 4 different camps has taught her skills with children, and accommodating special needs.

Theresa’s favorite locations are outdoors, places such as St. Peters Park, Faust Park, and especially Main Street St. Charles.

Allow Theresa L Photography to photograph your valued Memories and you’ll enjoy them for years to come!

PS-YOU MATTER. You are meant to be here and now in HIStory!
This short movie explains (6 min)…

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2000 prophecies fulfilled & is cohesively relevant?

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