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Making a website clean, attractive and easy to use.

The beginning of this year I was able to revamp my website. Felt a bit overwhelming when I looked at everything I wanted to feature. But with alot of research, time and effort (and prayer!), it went from a more cluttered look to a clean, appealing and easy to use one. This took alot of time and effort and a new learning style for me. I had to learn how to think like a client. “Keep It Simple Sweetheart” was my montra. Only things that are needed stay; the rest is thrown out. I think the viewer now has a little easier time with the website than they used to. Even got this email comment….

“Your websites are very nice… well organized, attractive and easy to use.”
-Jennifer Z., St Charles

A while ago, had a great time taking pics and creating a pet website for Petagree Ranch! They already had a website, but thought it needed a better design to it with updated quality pics. I also really wanted to focus on their unique story and how their pets were exceptionally taken care of along with the health of each animal supremely monitored. What an exciting fun time I had documenting adorable animals along with the hospitality and humor of Rose and Terry (owners)! took input from both Rose and Terry and aimed to make the site as easy as possible to navigate while telling their story, having purpose for everything in the site, attractiveness and simplicity being a must! Rose told me what she did and didn’t want, I added ideas and we both worked together to make the site what it is today. The results of the website brought many many more customers!

With my website, I want to show off the beauty of my clients and their unique personality, while giving needed info so one can decide how my services can benefit them with their unique wants.

I want to tell the unique story of my clients. If you or you know of someone who would like a website designed for them (complete with professional pictures) that tells their unique story, is appealing and easy to navigate, please contact me. Thank you!

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