3 Tips to Natural Family Pics

Want to get pictures you’ll remember for a lifetime? Get creative! Over my 20 plus years of photographing families, there are 3 tips I’ve learned that will ensure pictures you’ll be happy with. Read on.

1. Catch them in their element.
Want to get someone looking natural and happy? Catch them doing something they love. Whether its painting, playing ball or dancing or climbing trees. She/he looks their best when they’re comfortable, happy, content. I like people to bring a prop that represents their interest. This way its a conversation piece when looking at the picture years from now. And a nice memory as well.

2. Play
Ask junior to “attack” Dad. Ask a teen to dream, tackle or tickle their younger brother. Get them to tell whisper in the other’s ear. Anything to get them to interact. Pose behind a tree and get images of the kids playing. Ask your toddler to “attack” Dad. Make a funny face or tell them to act silly.

3. Catch the Eyes.
Remember eyes are key! Posing your subject and positioning yourself to make your subject’s eyes the main part of the photo gives a very pleasing result. Two ways I’ve found to do this is having them sit lower than you or standing on something to raise yourself higher than them. Have them sit down, lean forward and look up at you. This will also have slimming effects as their face is the largest thing in the picture.

Trust your instincts. Be creative.

Aim to get images of people you love in their element, playing and pose them so their eyes are key. If so, you’ll see great results!

And when you want professional portraits with an authentic flare, contact me. I celebrate family in photos and count it a privilege to serve my clients. Read what some have said about their experience.

You matter. Your life matters. Your loved ones matter. You ought to be in pictures!

-Theresa Lintzenich

I do family photography and events in St Charles and Chesterfield, MO. I live to serve and celebrate families in photos!

FB & IG:  @TheresaLPhoto

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St. Charles MO Photographer YOUR STORY IN PICTURES 15 plus years photographing people portraits. People are God's most beautiful creation and I so enjoy photographing you and yours.

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