5 Tips on Indoor Natural Light for Photos

Its all about light when it comes to photos. Here are a few tips when it comes to natural lighting indoors. Find natural light with two windows. Two windows on a corner of the house is ideal. Use reflectors if you can only find one window. If you cannot find that, then, with one window,Continue reading “5 Tips on Indoor Natural Light for Photos”

Danc’n In The City

Such a fun time with Hope and taking picts of her favorite sport…. dance!She is dreaming big, but enjoying the fun of the photo session. Grand Opera House on StC Main St is a picturesque place. Although this was right after lunch with sunshine overhead, it worked because we had the shade of a tree.Continue reading “Danc’n In The City”

3 Tips to Natural Family Pics

Want to get pictures you’ll remember for a lifetime? Get creative! Over my 20 plus years of photographing families, there are 3 tips I’ve learned that will ensure pictures you’ll be happy with. Read on. 1. Catch them in their element.Want to get someone looking natural and happy? Catch them doing something they love. WhetherContinue reading “3 Tips to Natural Family Pics”

Colors to Wear for Photos

What colors to wear for the photo shoot? Not to worry. Below are suggestions.I’ve found that casual is always in. Personally I like button down shirts or shirts that show your neck, NOT t-shirts with a round neckline. (below article is from Shutterfly website) Family Photo Color Schemes There’s plenty of common color combinations, leavingContinue reading “Colors to Wear for Photos”

He celebrated the AVERAGE MAN (& woman) in his art.

Thomas Hart Benton is one of my favorite artists! I so enjoy his featuring average people in average situations! He painted a whole room in the MO Capital. Legislators wanted to paint over his murals because he portrayed various things such as sins of MO like lynchings, political corruption as well as “unmentionable daily actions”Continue reading “He celebrated the AVERAGE MAN (& woman) in his art.”