He celebrated the AVERAGE MAN (& woman) in his art.

Thomas Hart Benton is one of my favorite artists! I so enjoy his featuring average people in average situations! He painted a whole room in the MO Capital. Legislators wanted to paint over his murals because he portrayed various things such as sins of MO like lynchings, political corruption as well as “unmentionable daily actions” such as changing a baby’s diaper.
His painting style, in my opinion, is second to none except perhaps Michael Angelo (painted Sistine Chapel) and Norman Rockwell (Saturday Evening Post). I was soo inspired by the murals that day in 2017, actually, ever since 4th grade when I saw this room for the first time.


Published by Theresa L Photography

St. Charles MO Photographer YOUR STORY IN PICTURES 15 plus years photographing people portraits. People are God's most beautiful creation and I so enjoy photographing you and yours.

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