Is Black and White Better?

by Theresa L

Is Black & White Better?

Some people think that since we have color, take advantage of the technology and have all pictures in color. I disagree! Actually, I try to display all black and white in my home. The ones in albums can be peppered with both b/w and color. There’s a time and place for both b/w and for color. Black and white reduces a photo to TONE and TEXTURE. When you remove color the emphasis shifts to the other compositional details of the image such as lines, shape and texture, tones and contrast. It doesn’t seduce you with color, so you focus on the subject of the image rather than all the riff-raff around the subject. I personally stick to the advice from famous photographer David DuChemin: if color doesn’t add anything to the image, you should convert it to black and white. Which will you choose… black and white or color? Choose wisely and you will enjoy the result for years to come. 

Here are a few reasons why I prefer black and white…

1. Black and white is classic and timeless. Black & white helps you see differently and is seen as photography in its purest form.

2. Prevents portraits from looking “dated”. Today teal is “in,” mauve was “in”during the 80s. Clothing colors will not matter in black & white. Only shades will. Prevent portraits looking “dated”. Ask for all black and white.

3. Eliminates Distractions. Color distracts from the essence of form in a photo. B&W helps us see the essence.

3. Dramatic look. People look a little more dramatic and classy! The differences in tonal ranges, rich blacks, and deep contrasts appeal to us in our brains. This creates a connection that makes us stop and pay attention to what is on the photograph.

4. Hides blemishes. Facial skin discolorations are deleted in black & white. And actually wrinkles look interesting rather than distracting!

5. Black and white focuses on faces. Color distracts from what you really want to see… faces, expression, essence of the person.

6. Goes with any color in your home decor. Don’t worry about if the colors of what you are wearing go with your decor colors. Black & white photos are so versatile don’t distract your attention from focusing on the actual people in front of you that you actually have in your home. You want to focus on them rather than just a photo of them. Black & white also looks classy!

7. Don’t have to buy new clothes. Even if your wardrobe colors don’t go together, they will still look good in black & white! When choosing colors, you only have to think of tones instead of color if you’re going totally black and white.

If you want a clean look with extra attention to the subjects in a photo, choose black & white.

And remember: If color doesn’t add anything to the image, you should convert it to black and white. -David DuChemin

-Theresa L

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