Dance School

Dance is one of Theresa’s favorite arts! She likes to pose dancers in various dance positions and capture the beauty of achieving on their faces.

Pls follow me…



COG Intrmd Lyrical Ballet 2014 Distance
COG Intrmd Jazz 2014 Wings
Intrmd 2 Jazz 2014 Wings
Dance School 2015
PreK Tap 2014 waiting B
PreK Tap 2014 waiting
Intrmd 1 Tap 2014 Bugle Boy
COG Intrmd Tap 2014 I Don't Dance
Intrmd 2 Tap 2014 BW I Don't Dance
Baseball Girls 2014
Anna & Hope baseball uniform 2014 A
Adv Tap Voodoo Daddy 2014 B
Adv Jazz 2014 Oh Yeah A

Dance SCHOOL (More pics)

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