10% DISCOUNT when you ask for your photo session to go ALL BLACK & WHITE.
Advantages of Black & white images…

  1. They are all the rage, and have always been. They are timeless.
  2. Today teal is “in,” mauve was “in” the 80s. Prevent your portraits looking “dated”. Ask for all black and white.
  3. Dramatic look
  4. Hides blemishes
  5. Focuses on faces. Color distracts from what you really want to see… faces, expression, essence of the person.
  6. Goes with any color home decor. Don’t worry about if the colors of what you are wearing are will go with your house colors. Black & white photos can be displayed anywhere. They also look classy!
  7. Don’t have to buy new clothes. Even if your wardrobe colors don’t go together, they will still look good in black & white!

–Agree to let us post your images for promo purposes

10% discount (up to $30) on next purchase when a person you refer uses my services.

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