Photos of events can bring back memories of amazing people in our life. I catch hidden moments during an event so you can reminisce about beautiful moments you didn’t see. Please tell me your vision and goals for photos. Its a privilege to work with you.

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Reunions

Company Party

Big Dinner Party

High School Baccalaureate Worship Service

Independence Day

St Charles Main Street Events

St Charles Night Out

Waterfall, Making of

Wedding, Engagement

Women’s Conference

Photographing events is so much fun! 🙂 …
Documenting life as it happens naturally. From surprises to ordered happenings,
its fun to document stories as they happen!

With over 15 years experience photographing events, from weddings and parties to community celebrations, I have a good idea of what people like in pictures… people in action, experiencing the moment.
Please look at some events I’ve photographed and contact me for your special event.
Thank you sincerely.
Theresa L.

Disclaimer-I reserve the right to photograph the events I choose.

Tom Clarabel 60th Ann  Chloe Cami 2011

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