Blanchette Park, St Charles, MO

St Charles Main St Borromeo Chapel Replica

St Charles, MO

(clients home)


“Our picture session with Theresa was great. She was very professional and kind. Her poses were amazing and she made sure to ask if we had any in mind we wanted to do also. The pictures turned out beautifully and it shows how much she enjoys her work.”     -Terri Keller



Sisters and lov’n it!!! So fun celebrating it in photos! Had such fun photographing them!


Celebrating new baby! These children are amazing!


Johnson family is so much fun and tight knit. A type of family that everyone wants! So very proud of these two sons, too! Such gentlemen!

Some of my photos are also for purchase. Please ask me if you’re interested in any.


2014 Kevin & Eric on blanket BW REd B
2014 Kevin & Eric on blanket BW REd Cropped*”…because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these.”

Children are amazing!

*Luke 18:16

Hope portrait 7 yrs BW sqr w logo

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