Why do you need professional pictures?
Today, buyers can look at hundreds of houses and narrow it down to 2 or 3 – all within an hour from their laptop or phone! The emotional feeling of clients is important in the decision process and beautiful visual images make a huge difference!

So, these are better than cellphone pictures?
If we are going to create better images of your home, we may as well go all the way.  The images created by Theresa L Photography will be professional beautiful images that are attractive to prospective buyers.

And this will sell my home?
Personally, I think it is vital to selling your home, but the goal of these images is not to sell your home.  It isn’t likely that someone will write a check without visiting your house.  The goal of these images is to motivate the buyer to make an appointment to see your house.  And it works!

Photographing homes is a detailed act. Three things are crucial:

  1. Detail
    Attention to detail is critical since first impressions can make a difference on whether clients want to visit a home or not. I make sure clutter is not pictured, and because I have experience staging and photographing homes for selling (one sold in 2 hours), only shoot after I decide the room looks its best. (If needed, I make suggestions for modifications… e.i, if a room could look better in the photo if something is moved across the room, or taken out of room, etc.) Pictures do say a thousand words!
  2. Angle
    Viewpoint angle of images can make a room look spacious and much more interesting due to where the camera is positioned.
  3. Lighting
    Light and fresh is the motto when it comes to photographing homes.

Please follow…


Up to 1500 sq. ft.        $120, At least 20 images

1550-2500 sq. ft.         $130, At least 30 images

2550-3500 sq. ft.        $165, At least 40 images

3550-5000 sq. ft.        $200, At least 50 images

Images are delivered to you online. Both web-size and print-size for flyers.

If house is more than 10 miles from my house in St. Charles City, $5 extra per mile.

Please call me, Theresa L, at 636.219.0249

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